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What Makes Triumph Trident 660 a Cut Above the Rest

What Makes Triumph Trident 660 a Cut Above the Rest

The Triumph Trident 660 won the Premium Performance Motorbike of the Year award at the carandbike awards held in 2022. Its contenders included Honda CB650R and the Ducati Monster. Honda and Ducati exhibited excellent handling and performance, but Triumph inched ahead. The bike scored more despite Honda’s refined design and four engines, and Ducati’s unique electronic components. The features that helped the Triumph to rise above its competitors include:

  • A three-cylinder engine
  • The engine capability of 80 bhp at 10,250 rpm
  • Two modes of riding
  • Good traction control
  • ABS with dual-channel

Do you want a bike that is high on performance but affordable at the same time? The Triumph Trident 660 is the perfect choice as it is a combination of modest pricing, impressive design, and easy riding. It is an entry-level bike that you can handle easily and balance well. Select premium performance bike insurance while you finalise your Triumph purchase. The insurance will protect you against financial losses in case there is any damage to the bike due to uncertainties on the road.

You have the option to choose from standalone third-party insurance, an own-damage policy, and a comprehensive package policy.

Inclusions of an insurance policy are the extent of financial and legal coverage that you would get from your insurer under specific circumstances. These inclusions would vary between insurers and depend on the type of policy that you opt for. The inclusions under different types of policies are:

Inclusions of third-party liability insurance:

  • If your bike causes any physical injury to a third-party individual, the cost of treatment would be covered by the insurer.
  • Any damage done to the property of the third-party individual including damage to his/her vehicle comes under the third-party property damage cover and you will get compensated if the losses are claimed by the affected person.
  • All legal issues in accidental cases would be taken care of by your insurer. If the total amount is less than the coverage that is offered by the policy, you do not have to pay anything from your pocket.
  • The third-party policy will not cover any damage to your bike and in case of any repair or replacement of parts, you will have to pay for everything out of your pocket. 

Meanwhile, by paying a little higher premium, you can have financial coverage against several risks under an own-damage policy. 

  • It includes any damage to your bike due to natural disasters such as storms, floods, cyclones, hailstorms, frost, landslides and rockslides, earthquakes, and destruction due to lightning during monsoon
  • Damage due to manmade actions such as riots, violence, torching etc.
  • External and accidental damage
  • Damage due to fire or self-ignition
  • Theft of the vehicle or loss of the keys of the bike
  • Damage caused during transit by road, railways, inland waterways, lifts etc.

A comprehensive two-wheeler policy or package policy consists of the features of both third-party liability cover and the own damage cover. The financial and legal liabilities are covered and this policy has a wider coverage when compared to other policies. Inclusions of a comprehensive policy are:

  • Damages to your bike due to non-collision or non-accidental causes
  • Damages caused by natural disasters
  • If your bike is stolen, you get the sum insured based on the IDV or Insured Declared Value. You have to register a complaint at the police station and submit the details to your insurer. After a certain period, when the bike is declared non-traceable by the police, you will get compensation equivalent to the current market value.
  • If the bike is damaged beyond repair, the sum insured amount is disbursed by the insurer
  • Damages due to fire, explosion, or self-ignition or transit by rail, road, or air

If you want additional protection, you can go for paid-for add-ons such as engine protection cover, cover for consumables, zero depreciation cover, No Claim Bonus protector etc.

Get a Triumph Trident 660 motorbike if you want a budget vehicle with the performance of a premium category two-wheeler. Moreover, it is an award-winning bike known for its superiority over several other competitors. Also, remember to buy a Triumph Trident 660 insurance to ride without any stress.

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