Engine Rocker Arm Buying Guide

Engine Rocker Arm Buying Guide

A rocker’s arm can work for several years without being changed. Even though materials have improved and bearing designs have been changed, the same basic part is still used in almost every overhead valve engine. With the help of the lifters and pushrods, the rocker’s arm turns the movement of the camshaft into a linear movement that opens the valve. 

Before purchasing a Rocker’s arm, you should consider the following factors

  • Durability

In cars with very high valve spring pressures and lift ratios, it can also be hard to keep them lasting. Lightweight rocker arms are suitable for cars that run at high speeds, but they also need to be strong to keep them from breaking. Steel roller tip rockers have become a popular upgrade for the most demanding racing cars in the last few years. Some of these steel rockers may be as light as aluminium rockers. Besides, steel is better at coping with stress over time than aluminium is.

  • Friction

In addition, a high-performance engine needs to cut down on friction. Rocker arms used in high-performance cars often have needle-bearing fulcrums and roller tips. There are many more places for the tip of the roller-tip rocker to go as it opens and closes valves with high lift ratios. There is less sideways thrust and scrubbing on the valve stem because of the roller tip.

  • Valve Springs

Valve springs are very important, and the best source of information about which springs should be used is the camshaft company. If it’s too stiff, power will be lost due to friction; if it’s too light, valve float will occur, potentially causing engine damage.

  • Pushrods/Rocker Arm Geometry

As simple as a pushrod may seem, they are an important part of the valvetrain. Their weight and length must be right to make sure the engine rocker arm geometry is correct, and they must be strong enough to withstand deflection while still being light.

Rocker arm geometry can cause many problems if it is not correct. According to rocker arm manufacturers in India, less surface area is hit if the roller rocker tip does not hit in the middle. People who hit their rocker arms farther from the centre are more likely to have them break.

  • Build and Setup Tips

One of the most important things to do before starting any machine work or buying any parts for an engine rocker arm is to plan out the whole thing. Many people start out with one idea in mind, but it is very easy to get off track and end up with something completely different. People who do not have a good plan for buying parts can spend a lot of money or even ruin their budget.

When you do not want to change the cylinder head, you should use stamped steel rockers. They are also good when you do not want to change the valve train, they are cheap, and you do not want to change the cylinder head. If you want to change them, look into shaft-mounted extruded aluminium rockers. A good choice is these stud-mounted aluminium rockers if you want all the benefits of stud-mounted aluminium rockers. Still, you also want to make your rocker arm system more rigid without paying for it with a moment of inertia.

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